PlayStation 4 VR Bundle: Amazon Review


Hi there ladies and gents, with the future of gaming looking more exciting by the day and with the new PlayStation 5 just around the corner, more and more focus appears to be being spent on Virtual Reality devices and the games in production. Included herein are some of Amazons Sony PlayStation VR Bundles, kicking off with two incredible bundles for those of you that wish to hit the ground running, and finishing with the basic starter pack to dip your toes into the virtual reality environment.

PlayStation VR truly does transport the wearer into the very game itself and having owned one of these incredible devices myself since their launch date, I can solemnly attest to the magical experience that is PlayStation VR.

Each of the listed items will also take you to any/all alternative offers that may currently be available to purchase. As always though, those included are the prices as of 14/03/2020 and are of course subject to change.

1. PlayStation VR Mega Pack (PS4)

The first for us to take a gander at, is the Sony PlayStation VR Mega Pack!

Here you have a fantastic selection of everything VR and if you don’t mind having downloadable games, it can also save you a pretty penny. Included within Amazon’s choice are the following titles: VR Worlds Download Code; Astro Bot Rescue Mission Download Code; Skyrim VR Download Code; Resident Evil 7 Download Code & Everybody’s Golf Download Code, as well as the PlayStation VR Headset & PlayStation Camera.

This wonderful item is dispatched and sold by Amazon and offers free delivery to Prime Members.

Product Details


Price: £297.67 Delivery no extra cost for Prime members.


The second for us to take a look at is of course the Sony PlayStation VR Mega Pack 2!

This option includes all you really need to get a good feel for the VR world and experience a great variety of what PlayStation is currently bringing to the virtual table. From family-friendly fun with Everybody’s Golf VR to the depths of your worst nightmares with Resident Evil BioHazard, you can be sure for the very best in VR entertainment.

This wonderful item is dispatched and sold by Amazon and offers free delivery to Prime Members.

Product Details

Price: £326.51 Delivery at no extra cost for Prime members.


3. PlayStation VR Starter Pack (PS4)

Okay, so, so what if you can’t go for either of the top two items, the games will come in time! If you really want to experience PlayStation VR and you’re on more of a budget, this selection is perfectly adequate and heaps of fun.

Go down into the depths of the deep dark ocean and come face to face with the king of oceanic hunters The Carcharodon Carcharias or Great White Shark! Steel a stone the size of Anthony Joshua’s fist and flee from a crew of Old-School, trigger-happy London faces. Just two of the mini-games available within the PlayStation VR Starter Pack.

This bundle still contains all the following:

  • VR Headset
  • PlayStation Camera
  • Processor Unit
  • VR headset connection cable
  • AC adaptor
  • AC power cord
  • HDMI cable
  • USB cable
  • Stereo headphones
  • Earpieces (1 set)
  • Printed materials
  • Cleaning cloth
  • PlayStation VR Worlds voucher code
  • Demo disc


Product Details

This wonderful item is dispatched and sold by Amazon and offers free delivery to Prime Members.

Price: £249.97

Virtually Unbeaten

So there you have it, the top 3 choices currently available through Amazon when it comes to Sony PlayStation VR Bundles. Again, as mentioned in the opening paragraph of this blog. A great deal of focus tends to be shifting to the Virtual Reality aspect of gaming nowadays with lots of rumors continuing to float around on the internet that Sony PlayStation 5 will be incorporating VR into much of what they’re planning to do with their next-gen console.

Though rumors are just that I’m afraid, at least until they’re not! To take a look at some additional VR related content, please feel free to check out my earlier blog here: to see just some of what we have to look forward to in 2020.

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