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Ellie in Last of Us

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By now May 29th, 2020 should be setting alarm bells ringing in those excited minds of yours, as this is the official release date of the one & only; The Last of Us 2, or at least, it was!

Understandably, due to the current Pandemic that’s still very much causing havoc on a global scale, the release of a game centred around an infected humanity, is certainly not the best idea, especially given the ever increasing number of tragedies associated with Covid-19.

I’m sure we were all familiar with the date our beloved heroine Ellie (played by the beautiful Ashley Johnson), was due to return to PlayStation consoles everywhere and it stands to reason that you’ve already become somewhat familiar with the new features of the game, but still, being The Last of Us 2 it just had to be included in our list of upcoming games.

Developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Entertainment check out what you can expect from the next installment of the iconic game below:

Five Years Have Past

Set five years after The Last Of Us, in part 2, Ellie is now nineteen-years-old and has been settled in Jackson, Wyoming. Knowing a little peace within a community of fellow survivors that have each found their way to the place they all now call home. Though the infected are, of course, an ever-present danger, there are plenty of other survivors that wish to benefit from the Khaos by any means necessary.

Following a violent occurrence, Ellie is called to action a second time and will do whatever it takes to take down her enemies and achieve her idea of justice. Up against all manner of mutated madmen and women due to the Cordyceps infection, as well as other ruthless survivors that have banded together for their own ill-willed gains. Ellie has become highly adept in the use of makeshift weapons, firearms of all sizes and in knowing exactly when to shoot and when not to shoot in order to stay silent and stay alive whilst navigating the post-apocalyptic United States of America.

With Ellie moving from an A.I. mostly character in part 1, to the central character in part 2, and with the five years that have now passed, it would appear she has developed skill sets of her own since we last saw her. Some such abilities that I’m sure will be key in surviving the upcoming title, is her ability to go prone, jump and dodge (things that her predecessor Joel, was unable to do).

Release Date Reveal Trailer:


The highly detailed environment, though post-apocalyptic, is vast and stunning in its own right thanks to the games improved graphics (though number one was pretty darn impressive at the time). In part 2, Ellie is able to reach all new vantage points and venture into the surrounding environment much further than in the first release, revealing realistic scenery at every turn. When moving through a vastly diverse landscape, Ellie must use her surroundings to stay hidden, sneak and ultimately utilize her stealth take-downs.


The Last of Us 2, promises to bring a life-like experience to the player. According to Wikipedia; In a statement made by Jim Ryan, president of Sony Entertainment (Europe) the game is “being made by adults to be played by adults!” Whilst Neil Druckmann; Creative Director for the game commented; “We’re making a game about the cycle of violence and we’re making a statement about violent actions and the impact they have … [the idea] was for the player to feel repulsed by some of the violence they are committing themselves.”

Additional Video

Original 2016 Reveal Trailer:

E3 5:00min Teaser Trailer:

Gameplay Trailer:


So there you have it Last of Us fans, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through my post and watching all the video’s released by PlayStation.

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