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Okay, so I’m a little late off the starting line with this one I know, but hey, it’s freaking Resident Evil 3 man! As a huge fan of the Res franchise, I just couldn’t help it, I still had to contribute to the multitude of articles already out there. So, now this latest remake is finally out to buy, let’s dive right in and take a look at what terrifying horrors are lurking this time within the confines of the now infamous ‘Raccoon City.’

There’s No Place Like Home

As you will no doubt be aware, our lead protagonist, Jill Valentine, actually grew up in Raccoon City. Though the Raccoon City that once nurtured her is now the very place that is trying to bring about her demise. With much of the gameplay taking place on the infected city streets Jill must run, hide, fight, shoot and solve a variety of puzzles in order to survive the dangers that potentially lurk around each and every turn. Zombies are certainly in their plentiful, all hungry for Jills blood, bones and brains. Some more dangerous than others, but all formidable when in groups as they can quickly overwhelm and overrun you. Though none of them, however scary or sinister in appearance are simply no match for Jill Valentine’s greatest threat on two legs, the mighty, the colossal… Nemesis!


Nemesis-T Type

The Nemesis a.k.a. Nemesis-T Type is a true abomination in the sense of the word. Created solely to crush every remaining member of the STARS team, you though, seem to be by far, its ultimate end goal. The juggernaut of mutations will pop up, again and again, as you make your way through the treacherous city streets, just as in the original Resident Evil 3 release. Unlike the original however, the 2020 Nemesis can apparently now break into safe rooms, meaning those much-needed tranquil sounding rooms of days gone by that we all took a moment’s breather in, are potentially unable to help if the man-made killing machine is hot on your tail.

RE Engine & Resistance

Thanks to RE Engine, you will now get to experience both the original horror and newer content like never before. Used in both Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil Biohazard, it truly brings high definition graphics to the classic, some might even say, original horror games. Bringing them back to the forefront of modern gaming with stunningly detailed and highly immersive environments. Though when you purchase the greatly anticipated title, you won’t just be buying Res 3, oh no, as with it also comes Resident Evil Resistance!

Source: PlayStation

Resistance is a 4 against 1 multiplayer option wherein you can either play as a variety of Res characters such as Annette Birkin. With the ability to manipulate the surrounding environment, determine where creatures skulk, where traps are set and which security cameras you wish to turn into deadly weapons to take out unsuspecting survivors. As a Mastermind you will be able to control elites such as Tyrant and G-Birkin. As a survivor however, you must work with others online by using a variety of weaponry and individual special abilities to stop the enemy before it’s too late, time is of the essence.

Raccoon City

An enormous amount of time has been spent perfecting the appearance of Raccoon City in the 2020 remake. Okay, sure, so there’s a zombie apocalypse unfolding everywhere, but man if it doesn’t look like a cool city to visit otherwise. As you traverse the streets of the place you once lived, you will notice some of the original buildings are still present in the 2020 remake that we first saw in the original. Any city though, be it real or imaginary is a pretty big place right? Luckily for you, there is a helpful map of the city at your disposal, meaning navigation is simplified before you learn your way around like second nature. The only semi-downside that could be worth a mention is the overall completion time of the main story, set at just 6 hours, it would be nice to explore and do that bit more as a lover of the Res titles. As Res 3 does continue on from Res 2 however, I guess you could treat the two as one continuous game, like in the good old days of insert disc one first (chuckle).


As is to be expected with any Resident Evil game, one of the most effective methods of combat is, well, no combat at all. Often it is much more sensible to simply outrun and out manoeuvre the brain munching bad guys than it is to stand and fight. Quick tip for this approach, if you haven’t already noticed, when the Zombies are munching on their human snackables and start to stand, none of them can physically attack you whilst in the process of standing up. Though should you wish or have to take out the trash of Raccoon City, then our lead protagonist is more than able to do so.

Jill Valentine, this time has a rather nifty dodge-roll, slow-mo focused bullet-time attack thingy, that she can utilise when up against her tougher opponents. In order to perform said move, Jill must dodge at precisely the right time (namely, just before she herself is about to take damage), which will then see her roll out of the way whilst at the same time, slowing-down time so as she can return fire to the bad guy’s weak spots. Pretty freaking awesome when you pull it off right.

The Combat Knife. Accompanying our heroes and heroines from day one has been the trusted Combat Knife, hey, if it’s good enough for John Rambo then it’s a must in a Zombie apocalypse. This time however the flesh-eaters are bang in trouble, as now the blade doesn’t – wear -out. That’s right, this time you have an unlimited amount of stabs, slashes and cuts to unleash on your foe so why not save ammo by taking out their legs then finishing em off with the blade.

Pistols, automatic weapons and shotguns are of course also available throughout the game but using them wisely will make the difference between life and death. Look out for things around you that can be shot to both stun and deliver extra and sometimes absolutely necessary damage. As well as weak spots on enemies and of course that good old-fashioned, headshot.

Source: PlayStation

A Big Shout Out

Before we go, I would like to send a big shout out to writer Yasuhisa Kawamura, and the entire cast of Resident Evil 3 (courtesy of IDMb) as without you there would be no Res 3 remake. Into Games salutes you all, thank you for sharing your many talents with the world.

Cast (in credits order)

Nicole Tompkins Nicole Tompkins Jill Valentine (voice)
Jeff Schine Jeff Schine Carlos Oliveira (voice)
Neil Newbon Neil Newbon Nicholai Ginovaef (voice)
William Hope William Hope Nathaniel Bard / Mikhail Victor (voice)
Sterling Sulieman Sterling Sulieman Tyrell Patrick (voice) (as Sterling Suliman)
Darren O'Hare Darren O’Hare Brad Vickers (voice) (as Darren O’hare)
Rick Zieff Rick Zieff Dario Rosso (voice)
Christopher Mychael Watson Christopher Mychael Watson Marvin Branagh (voice)
Ken Lally Ken Lally Robert Kendo (voice)
Todd Haberkorn Todd Haberkorn Murphy Seeker (voice)
David Cockman David Cockman Nemesis (voice)
Erika Harlacher Erika Harlacher Additional Voices (voice)
Maki Mattice Maki Mattice Additional Voices (voice)
Marco Bombasi Marco Bombasi Additional Voices (voice)
Nathaniel Somers Nathaniel Somers Additional Voices (voice)
Josiah T. Wilson Josiah T. Wilson Additional Voices (voice)
Hiroko Matsuda Hiroko Matsuda Additional Voices (voice)
Miguel E. Corti Miguel E. Corti Additional Voices (voice)
Matthew Walker Matthew Walker Additional Voices (voice) (as Matt Walker

Source: IMDb

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