Luigis Mansion 3: Nintendo Switch

Product: Luigi’s Mansion 3

Price: £43.99

In Stock: Amazon UK

Platform: Nintendo Switch

PEGI: 7yrs Plus

Rating: 5 out of 5

Luigi’s Mansion returns for a third time, now available on the Nintendo Switch.

The Last Resort Hotel, and all its ghostly occupants, must be overcome in order to save Mario and friends. Luigi, the cowardly counterpart of captured Mario, is their only hope. Only he can traverse the otherworldly levels, haunted hallways and frightening floors to solve the many puzzles and defeat the various ghosts and ghouls that go bump in the night.

Starting with an invitation to a high end, swanky holiday hotel, Mario, Luigi and the rest of the gang simply can’t refuse. The Last Resort Hotel however, will be anything but the much-needed break they’re all expecting. Before too long, their dream getaway turns into a waking nightmare as Mario and Co become trapped inside a series of paintings by his royal ghoulishness King Boo!

Luigi may not be the bravest of the bunch, but with a little help along the way, and with a variety of new tools at his disposal, he might just have what it takes to pull this off. His old friend Professor E. Gadd is ready to lend a hand, as well as Gooigi, a gooey version of Luigi that can overcome obstacles Luigi cannot.

Luigi by now is no stranger to ghostly specters of course, hunting and capturing them with his Poltergust G-OO. Use the Strobulb to catch the menacing phantoms by surprise and take them out with Luigi’s special new moves.

Luigi’s Mansion 3: Nintendo Switch Edition is available to purchase here.

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