John Wick Hex On PS4: Out May 2020

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Today I will be taking a look at another upcoming game for the PS4, that I personally think will do really well on its release. John Wick Hex! As you may or may not already be aware, the formidable assassin and lover of dogs, John Wick, is already available to take control over on PC. However, come May 2020, PlayStation 4 will also be letting the infamous killing machine lose for all PS4 users as well. If you’re unfamiliar with the retro-looking game, take a look at what’s install below.


Where to even begin with this beautifully animated game? Well, if you’re a fan of the movies, then I reckon you’re sure as heck gonna be a fan of the game. Based on the same rules and challenges seen in the films, if you haven’t watched the trilogy for a while, you should really try to fit them in again between now and next month’s release.

Don’t Take a Man’s Dog

Regardless of how long it may have been since you last watched the original movie, I think it’s safe to say, we all remember why his justified crusade of death and destruction started in the first place. Now you get to take that very fight to them as you step into the shoes of the number one assassin. Time your actions to perfection as the Baba Yaga aka John Wick aka Jardani Jovonovich did in all three action-packed movies. Move in complete synchronicity, in a uniquely intuitive fight choreography that comes ever-so naturally through the Dual Stick controller.

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One super cool feature that truly brings the game to life just has to be the playback option after you have manoeuvred your way through a bunch of John Wick’s foes. Being a strategy game you must, well, strategise, to dominate the enemy without taking damage of your own. However, if the stopping and starting of strategy games is something that may put you off them, then John Wick Hex does a fantastic job of bringing the best of both worlds together. Once completed, simply hit repeat and watch the entire scene you have just worked through unfolding and coming to life in a swift, singular gameplay clip.

The style of game that director Mike Bithell, of Bithell Games, has chosen to go for here, though admittedly a little on the weird side, seemingly works very well indeed. The vibrant, neon colour scheme, coupled with the retro cell-shaded graphics complement the franchise’s visual aesthetics. Meanwhile the dark synth-wave soundtrack fits the iconic music of John Wick, staying faithful to the movies perfectly.

Walk Through With Mike Bithell

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If you haven’t seen these fantastic films yet, or have yet to see them all and you wish to get your hands on all three, Amazon sells the complete trilogy on DVD right here for only £20.20

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