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Hello, and welcome one and all to the latest on one of 2020s games I personally cannot wait to play!

Developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Ghost of Tsushima is due out on the 26/06/2020 and is definitely one to look out for, especially if you’re a fan of brutal warrior combat and stealth. Set in the late 13th Century, you must use all of your Samurai skills to take on the full might of the Mongol Empire. Having devastated much of the East in their relentless, blood-thirsty urge to conquer (just as they did in real-life), your character: Jin Sakai must stop the invading Mongol’s from reaching mainland Japan, by taking back his Tsushima homeland and protect the last of his people from annihilation at the hands of the brutal Mongol leader: Khotan Khan.

Story Trailer

Check out the official story trailer released by PlayStation right here:

Tsushima Landscape

As the story trailer shows above and the Ghost Of Tsushima World & Story trailer covers in much more detail below, the world in which you navigate is nothing short of incredible. Stunningly beautiful yet beguiling terrain presented within a fluctuation of weather conditions, the realism of what is unquestionably an exquisite country off-screen, has most definitely been brought into the comfort of our homes in this latest PlayStation 4 title. Whilst the trailers are admittedly captured using a PlayStation Pro system, you can be certain a regular PlayStation with a 1080HD TV will no doubt yield an enchanting and immersive experience.

From the peaks of Tsushima’s mighty mountain tops to the beaches and oceans below, through valley’s and bamboo forests alike, the attention to detail Sucker Punch Productions has provided us in their masterpiece, is genuinely jaw-dropping beyond belief. Everything around you simply looks and feels alive throughout the entirety of the game, regardless of whether viewing cut-scenes or in-game-action, the depth of field, lighting, shading, and translucency is evident at all times.

To talk us through just how monumental a task these guys have before them in order to create such breathtaking scenery is Sucker Punch Productions’ very own Art Director: Jason Connell back at E3 in 2018.

Game Play Debut

SPOILER ALERT! If you’re the type of gamer that doesn’t like to have anything revealed to them in terms of the actual gameplay and believe me they’re out there (though with a game as good as this it’s certainly understandable), then please, please, look away now! Opening on day 9 of the Mongol invasion, we follow our character up a small hill to view the Otsuna Grasslands. In the distance, fires can be seen scattered about here and there, evidence of the tragedy that has befallen Tsushima. An authentic Japanese composition can be heard as we pan from left to right, taking in all the wonderfully detailed scenery discussed above.

After a brief ride on our trusted steed, we’re quickly faced with 3 Mongol Mutts that have viciously cut down a couple of Jin Sakais defenseless countrymen. Making short work of the first 3, an additional 2, more heavily armed Mongols try their luck, both meeting a swift demise of course. Turning a bend we team up with an ally and crack-shot archer, the two confederates use stealth to eliminate a couple of guards blocking their way to a temple where a monk is being tortured close by.

Clambering a fence to the roof of a neighboring stable, Jin Sakai retrieves what all good stealth assassins must have in their arson, a rope, and a grappling hook. Using this he maneuvers himself onto the roof of the temple and observes more enemies within, the ones holding the poor monks’ life in their wickedly cruel hands. Yet in the blink of an eye and the shaking of a lamb’s tail, each of the unwanted invaders come to understand the fierce wrath of a Samurai.

The final 2 minutes or so I will simply let you see for yourself if you’ve not already checked it out elsewhere, as sometimes actions just speak louder than words!

Ghost Of Tsushima Summary

  • Another vast and completely navigational open-world game by the legendary Sucker Punch Productions. Wherein you will be able to find ancient landmarks, encounter all manner of characters, experience brilliantly built landscapes and find tranquility and peace between battles.
  • Raised in the way of the Samurai, Jin Sakai must do all that is necessary to save his beloved Tsushima from Mongol invaders, even if that means turning his back on the core principles he has been taught to believe in.
  • Able to adapt you will need to adopt new skills in order to take down your enemy, you will require assistance from new and old friends alike along the way if you are to topple the might of the Mongol Empire.
  • Challenge opponents head-on with your Katana for a vivid samurai combat experience.
  • Stealth tactics will be crucial in order to ambush enemies with surprise attacks.
  • Master then use the bow to eliminate distant threats with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Mix and match skills, various tactics and deadly weapons, to find what works best for your particular play style.

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So There You Have It

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