Best Reclining Gaming Chair: D Pro T 10-in-1

Hello there Into Gamers, and a very good day to you all,

Today I will be listing what I feel is the best Gaming Chair from those presented in my previous post. A 10 in 1, winged-leather-recliner by D Pro T.

Product: 10 in 1 Gaming Armchair

Price: £229.99 + £6.98 delivery

In Stock: Amazon UK

Colour: Black

Manufacturer: D Pro T

Product Features

This incredible 10 in 1 Armchair, truly brings all the features you could ever wish to have inside a gaming chair, conveniently into one awesome design. Play your favourite titles for hours on end without having to worry about posture and/or comfort levels. The 10 in 1 Gaming Armchair, has a reclining feature, allowing you to really feel a part of titles that include a lot of driving or flying.

Your chair has both left and right cup holders for you to store your drinks, whether left or right-handed. Though, if you’re anything like me, then this will just mean 2 cold cans at a time on a Friday/Saturday night. The armchair itself sits on a swivel base, so as you can turn to talk to guests or other gamers without having to lose any of the heavenly comfort provided by this fabulously cushioned piece.

There are side and front pockets for easy reach of gaming and television controllers and though there are aren’t any built-in speakers provided with this particular item, it more than makes up for that with an 8 point, heated massage feature built into it. So after a long day of kicking everyone else’s butt online, simply sit back, recline, and relax your own with the heated, 8 point massage features. Oh Yes!

Chair Specs

* Dimensions: H:106cm W:86cm D:96cm

* Chair Height 106 cm

* Chair Width 86 cm

* Chair Depth 96 cm

* Seat Height 50 cm

* Seat Width 55 cm

* Seat Depth 54 cm

* Backrest Height 70 cm

* Fully Reclined Dimensions H:80cm W:86cm D:165cm

* Maximum Weight 114 kg (18 stone)

* 1 year warranty – terms apply

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