About the Founder

Hi there folks, my name’s Adam and It is with the utmost pleasure that I welcome you all to my website. Dedicated to every aspect of gaming, be it the latest news, reviews, general chit-chat or how to’s, this truly is a community of like-minded guys, gals and gamers of all ages. Here you can keep up to date with all the latest expected release dates of upcoming products, take advantage of excellent discounts on items and pre-order specific games and/or consoles to name but a few. Not only can you purchase a wide variety of gaming-related products and services, but you can also help assist your fellow gamers with games they may be having difficulty completing.

What’s My Deal?

So I’ve been a gamer for many, many years now and I’ll have to start by unavoidably showing my age I’m afraid. My intro into the hypnotic world of gaming we so love and cherish was via an absolute classic, the ZX Spectrum 128K. To this day I can still hear that God-Awful Screech those cassette-style games used to make when loading. Of course, I also recall how long each game would take to load back then, often finding myself playing out with the kids on my road whilst I waited for the magic to start.

And magic it was…

Seemingly casting a spell on multiple generations all at once, myself included, platform games of the time became like a sort of pied-piper to me, steeling me away from the confines of my boring bedroom and transporting me to new, exciting worlds of wonder and awe! Sound a little OTT? Okay, maybe so, but I really was well and truly hooked from the start and in no time at all I found myself playing my way through every console I could get my hands on.

sega-mega-cd-night-trapFrom handhelds such as the Game Boy, Lynx and Game Gear, through to the NintendoEntertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Sega Megadrive and let us never forget, the Sega Mega-CD. Love it or hate it I know, but for me, it was nothing short of spectacular, especially given the year of its release. Later it went on to introduce me to one of my all-time favorite games that I still feel was way ahead of its time… Night Trap! 

One of the things I personally love about gaming though is the fact that it is so very diverse and totally immersive. With today’s consoles only getting better and better with each release, that immersive experience appears to have no end in sight, particularly with the more recent introduction of virtual and augmented reality devices. Next to my amazing family, I love nothing more than navigating my way through the challenges our games bring us and it is my general passion for gaming that has led me to create a website for anyone with shared interests.

Paying It Forward

My intention is to offer fellow gaming enthusiasts, somewhere they can meet like-minded individuals to make new friends, discuss their latest games, particular strategies that are working for them, share thoughts and theories surrounding upcoming product releases and find themselves a wide range of excellent products and services. When I was younger, we didn’t have an internet to take advantage of, other than your own immediate circle of friends, there was no real discussion to be had like there is today, so I really wanted to just try to pay it forward for the future of gaming and gamers.

Site Goals

As mentioned above, this site aims to bring people together in one place, offering one another the very best insight into the games they’re playing whether they’re new or old. It aims to track down some of the very best deals and discounts for all your gaming needs, such as games you may not yet have but are looking to buy, as well as consoles, PCs, accessories, and memberships to name a few.

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